Dynamics GP eCommerce Integration

Certainly, if you are building e-commerce from scratch, you should consider products as the foundation of your future e-commerce web application. However, and this is probably your case, in e-commerce scenarios we often see legacy e-commerce portal that does the job, and your role is to give e-commerce some impetus as a software developer in your IT department To give integration evolution.

In this case, you move away from e-mail orders “automatically” from e-commerce-to-great-plains users to a similar batch overnight e-commerce e-commerce sales invoice and payment processing, or even ideally to real-time invoice creation, which is triggered by e-commerce to the Dynamics GP SOP module. Popular PHP-based e-commerce shopping carts also quickly create customer profiles or update existing customers. In this case, the integration into the accounts receivable management master file is transferred to Great Plains. Let’s take a look at the technical side or programming tools:

Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce Resource Center

1. Dynamics GP eConnect. If you are familiar with programming in C- or VB.Net and understand basic SQL scripts and stored procedures – we recommend that you invest your time in eConnect. For Dynamics GP version 10.0 it is automatically installed on your DB page. Indeed, eConnect has most of the logic that you would create in custom SQL stored procedures. However, stored eConnect procedures are encrypted and you would have to formalize your programming logic to take eConnect rules into account.

2. Dynamics GP Integration Manager. If you don’t see yourself as a Microsoft Visual Studio developer and can take advantage of batch mode integration overnight or every few hours, consider Great Plains Integration Manager.

3. Alba Spectrum Order Connector. If you think of IM or even eConnect, where the integration logic is rich and requires processing time and performance, if you need simple, repetitive integrations on the very high volume, we have Order Connector, written in very direct SQL stored procedures that offer an amazing speed of integration.

4. Posting server or autopost. Here you break the restrictions of eConnect or Integration Manager and can now automatically book Great Plains Batches from your eCommerce application